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Voter Guide for Idaho Conservative Voters

We love Idaho and we want to keep it that way 

Idaho is amazing because of its history of conservative values. The goal is to preserve what makes Idaho great: Conservative Values. iLuvIdaho was formed to help voters make informed decisions about who to vote for.

Elections Have Consequences

The number one way Idaho changes is through elections. Who you choose matters. Policies are passed and politicians that don't truly represent Idaho's values are put into positions of power.


These are the consequences we face for bad elections. But with good candidates that listen to the people's voices, we can maintain and even improve the liberties we enjoy in this state. 

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Who Are Idaho Conservatives?

Idaho conservatives consist of community leaders, business owners, religious leaders, students, youth, influencers and more. Idaho's majority are conservatives and 3/4 of the political refugees are conservative. is the place where conservatives can find candidates on the Voter Guide that will preserve our constitution, bill of rights and do the right thing. We take exhaustive measures to source, screen and recruit candidates to determine who meets our criteria.

Our criteria is based on reviewing voting records if they served in public office, interviews, reference checking and more. We also review politician scorecards, such as to see how they voted. Click here to view the Voter Guide

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